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Angel School

Angel School “Step Into Your Power” class

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Are you ready to spread the light in the world? Do you feel called by GOD and the angels to deliver the message to the masses?

The Angel school is a class “ step into your power” is a course designed by the Angels. It was designed specifically for light workers or others ready to develop their spirituality and awaken to their higher self. 

The class focuses on helping students develop their spirituality with the unique tools the Angels have given Dany Michaels. The class is full of information the angels have channeled through Dany to help students learn and better understand the spiritual world.

This is a live online interactive class. The lesson will be live so that the instructor can answer any questions the students might have, and guide the students towards their higher self. The live lesson will also consist of many in-class activities to help the students practice with the guidance of the instructor.

The course covers 5 modules to better prepare you to connect with the Devine and your guides and angels. 

• History of Spirituality/ Religion according to the Angels.

• Learning to prepare your mind, body and soul to channel higher energies.

• The importance of Trust to drive your abilities.

• How to communicate with angels, archangels, guides and other light beings. 

• Types of abilities, Development of your abilities and testing them out.

This course is also designed as a way to create a community of sensitives to support and help each other in your journeys. 

Homework assignments will be assigned to students to help them develop their spirituality and strengthen their connection.

Class starts Saturday November 2nd Meeting Tuesdays and Saturdays at 5:30pm MST for 2-3 hours. Via Zoom classroom. 

Enroll, learn and be yourself at the Angel school. Help spread the light of GOD in the world!