About Dany

My name is Dany and welcome to my site. I‘m an incarnated Angel warrior, light activator, spiritual teacher and angelic reader/channeler. I believe that GOD has placed me on this earth to help restore humanity's trust in GOD. 

Growing up in the Catholic church taught me many things; however, I feel like the greatest lesson I have learned throughout my life is that having a personal relationship with GOD is the most important thing. Forming a tight bond with GOD and the Angels has proved far more important than being bound by a religion. Since childhood, I was always aware of my ability to sense various energies. I was always able to trust my intuition and felt as though I was always one step ahead than the present. Throughout my life, I have honed in on differentiating between light and dark energy, and have used my abilities to help family members and close friends.

Years ago, GOD and the Angels have started training my abilities in complex situations. My purpose has become to spread the light of GOD in the world and to use my abilities to aid those who need help finding their light and purpose. I am able to do this through light activation (help ignite the light in others, specifically light beings) and helping individuals to be able to wield their own light. Additionally, I have been entrusted to guide, protect and aid those who need it. Lastly, I have the capability to channel messages from Angels and deliver these messages to people to help them achieve their highest good. 

As mentioned, my main purpose is to serve GOD by using the gifts GOD and the Angels have provided me with. Life has been a journey thus far and I am excited for the plans GOD has for my future.


Dany Michaels

Dany's Work

Angel Readings


As an incarnated Angel warrior, Dany has a unique way to channel and communicate with the Angels and Archangels. Dany is kept at an angelic frequency and uses his abilities to help, guide and heal those who need it.  

Energy Therapy


Dany is able to wield the most powerful forms of  Angelic energies, which are; white, platinum and gold. Dany uses these energies to heal traumas and remove lower attachments. Dany's energy work can assist in any complex situation, blockages and more. 

Mentor sessions


As a Spiritual Teacher, Dany will help guide you and teach you how to access your gifts. The Angels tought Dany many unique techniques, gave him information and energies to help mentor other light beings.   

Activation / Spiritual Awakening sessions


Dany has a unique gift to help other light beings activate their gifts and spiritual path. These sessions will help guide light beings with finding their purpose and origin. Dany is able to activate GODs light in others. 

Channeled Messages


Dany's mission is to help restore humanity's trust in GOD. These videos are channeled messages from the Angels and Archangels to help assist in the process of restoring the trust in GOD. 

Angel School


Are you ready to spread the light in the world?  Do you feel called by God and the Angels to deliver the message to the masses?  If so, the Angel school is the perfect spiritual academy for you with teachings and classes designed by the Angels.